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Da Power Electric Outstanding Invoices Policy



The purpose of this policy is to establish clear guidelines for managing outstanding invoices to ensure timely payments while maintaining positive relationships with our clients.



This policy applies to all clients of Da Power Electric regarding the payment of invoices for services rendered or products supplied.


Policy Statement:

Da Power Electric is committed to providing exceptional services and products to our clients. In return, we expect timely payments as agreed upon in our contracts. To manage outstanding invoices effectively, we have established the following policy.


Invoice Payment Terms:

Standard Payment Terms: All invoices issued by Da Power Electric are payable within 30 days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.


Late Payment Notification

If an invoice remains unpaid after the due date, Da Power Electric will send a reminder notification to the client, advising them of the outstanding payment and requesting immediate settlement.


Overdue Invoices Management:

  • Initial Grace Period (Days 1-60):
  • Day 1-30 Overdue: Da Power Electric will send up to two gentle reminders to the client, encouraging prompt payment and discussing any issues that may have led to the payment delay.
  • Day 31-60 Overdue: If the invoice remains unpaid, Da Power Electric will make direct contact with the client via phone or in-person meeting to discuss the outstanding balance and explore possible resolutions. During this period, we aim to work collaboratively with our clients to settle outstanding invoices without external intervention.


Collections Process (Post 60 Days Overdue):

  • Day 61 Overdue and Beyond: If the invoice remains unpaid after 60 days, Da Power Electric reserves the right to initiate collections proceedings. The client will be notified in writing before any collections actions are taken. This notice will serve as a final opportunity to settle the invoice before the account is forwarded to a collections agency.


Collections Agency Partnership:

Da Power Electric partners with reputable collections agencies that adhere to ethical collections practices. Our aim is to resolve outstanding balances while maintaining respect and professionalism in all interactions.


Dispute Resolution:

Clients are encouraged to contact Da Power Electric immediately if there is a dispute or concern regarding an invoice. We are committed to resolving disputes fairly and efficiently to maintain positive client relationships.


Policy Compliance:

Adherence to this policy is essential for the smooth operation of Da Power Electric. Clients who consistently fail to meet payment obligations may be subject to a review of their credit terms or a cessation of services until outstanding balances are cleared.


Amendments to the Policy:

Da Power Electric reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary. Clients will be notified of any significant changes to the policy.