Have an electrical emergency? Give us a ring at (808) 868-6035. We’re available 24/7/365 for emergency electrical service calls.






From custom high-end homes to tract housing and subdivisions, our highly capacitated residential team will take care of all your needs!!! Da Power Electric wants to help you create the perfect look for your home or business with our innovative and cost-effective designs. We will work alongside you to hand-pick the best design suitable to your needs to ensure a beautiful and safe electrical plan. Our designs: LED, lighting designs, ceiling fan installation, and many more.


Inspections: The team is fully equipped with the abilities to inspect all electrical circuits and wiring systems in your home or business to ensure safety and efficiency. Because our client’s safety is a priority, these inspections are extremely important to us. Not only are bad wiring or blown fuses an inconvenience, but also a major safety hazard. Do not hesitate to call us at any time with electrical safety concerns.




From small Businesses to big industrial sites, our dedicated commercial team is readily available to provide you with any solution you might need, on-budget projects.




  • Upgrades and Improvements
  • Safety and Security
  • Testing and Repair
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Energy Management
  • Solar Panels
  • Motion Sensors
  • Modern Wiring
  • Smoke Detectors
  • New or Old Buildings
  • Generators Parking Lot Installations
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Touch Panels
  • Code Inspections


Emergency Calls


24 hs Emergency call service.


When an electrical problem strikes, you need an experienced certified electrician, who can help at a moment’s notice. From power outages to sparks to strange smells, Team Da Power Electric will arrive promptly to fix your emergency electrical repair to give you peace of mind. Even seemingly insignificant electrical problems can pose a danger if left unresolved. Using state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge, we will work until your home’s electrical systems are safe and ready for daily use. If you notice an issue with your home’s electricity, give us a call and we’ll get the electrical repair done right. No matter your electrical issue, you can count on us to solve it the first time with our electrical repair services. Our Team Da Power Electric offer all types of electrical repair services, including:


  • Electrical Panels
  • Circuit Breaker Trips
  • Power Outages and Power Surges
  • Dimming or Flickering House Lights
  • Faulty Power Outlets
  • Buzzing Noises
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Damaged Cords
  • Aluminum Wiring
  • Faulty Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI)
  • Smell of Burning Plastic
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting


Call us with your electrical repair request and we’ll send a licensed electrician to help right away. We are available for any emergency electrical repairs.


New Construction


Planning, design & communication through the first steps of a project, ensuring nothing is left behind and that we will be ready. For any changes or unprecedented situations.





From partial to full remodels we got you covered!!! Our team Da Power Electric are continuously trained and certified in industry-leading home lighting design and applications. We strive to position ourselves your electric advocate working in tandem with you towards a brighter life. This means we provide full-service electrical management to your home and property.


Home Luxury Lighting Additions


Now this is the fun part! Our team is dedicated to creative and energizing solutions for home lighting improvement. We provide lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor functionality and help set the mood with our variety of color options and design expertise. Here’s some of what we do for home luxury lighting additions:


  • LED recess lighting
  • Advanced Lighting Controls
  • Lighting Automation (iPad/Smart Phone Control)


Let Our TEAM Handle the Permit Process


It is essential to pull the correct permits for the correct jobs, allow our team to deal and do it the right way the first time. Home inspectors and realtors will find problems on your property if they exist and it’s never worth the risk. Let our experts seamlessly facilitate your home’s permit process and avoid future headaches. Questions about how we can help illuminate your home and property with luxury lighting applications? Contact our team today!!


808-868-6035. We’ll manage all of your home electrical and remodeling additions from creative design to full functionality and enhanced safety.



Swimming Pools


Wiring and Installation of pool equipment and controllers. Equipotential bonding of swimming pools and all metal components within the perimeters of the pool.





Solar panels capture energy from the sun and channel it to an inverter, where it’s converted to electricity to power your home. Extra energy is stored in a battery so you can use it at night.


  • Design and Installation of PV systems, back up batteries, off the grid systems and sustainable energy.
  • Troubleshooting: Our experienced solar professionals will help you out and diagnose the status of your system, with this information will be able to offer or suggest how to approach different situations.
  • MECO application: Da’ Power Electric will take care of the whole application process to make it a unique and pleasant experience.
  • Benefits of going solar:
    • Reduce or eliminate your electric bills.
    • Return on investment.
    • protection against rising energy costs
    • Increase property value.
    • Protect the environment.
    • Create jobs and help local economy.
    • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.



Home Automation


With today’s technology, we are able to provide you with remote access to controlling your home or business’s lighting and appliances with a smartphone or tablet. Turning your home into a Smart Home will give you the peace and reassurance you need when you are away.


Benefits of Home Electrical Automation


It’s not rocket science—more direct control equals enhanced convenience and more financial savings. Frankly, we are hard-pressed to think of a single downside to home electrical automation. Let’s take a look at the bounty of advantages and benefits of technological home enhancements:


Convenience and Efficiency


Gain the ability to wirelessly control every aspect of your home’s electrical and lighting systems.


Save Energy


Control where and when more or less electricity is needed. We can equip your home with a state-of-the-art motion sensor so your lights automatically turn off when no motion is detected.


Lower Utility Bills


Lower energy output means lower monthly electric bills.


Data/Voice Control


“Futurize” your home with these additional safety and security solutions. Take ownership of your home’s safety with these uniquely customizable options.


Improved Safety & Security


Keep your home safe while adding to its resale value.



Electrical Equipment


Installation of various different electrical components, transfer switches, transformers, contactors, relays, generators, etc.






Electrical Installations


  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Installation
  • Ceiling & Attic Fan Installation
  • EV Charger Installation
  • Electrical Outlet Installation & Repair
  • Electrical Panel Installation & Upgrades
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Home Automation
  • HVAC Units
  • Kitchen, Bathroom & Garage Lighting Installation & more


Outdoor Electrical Installations


Safety is key when installing outdoor electrical systems. Da’ Power Electric Services can install wiring for your pool, spa, security lights, and more. Call our electricians to learn more about our wide selection of outdoor electrical installation services.


Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design


Whether you’re looking to brighten your home, create ambience, or deter wildlife and intruders, our interior and exterior lighting installation services provide long-lasting quality. Our state-of-the-art lighting solutions include:


  • Accent Lighting
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Light Dimmers & Timers
  • Motion Sensors
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Transformers
  • & more



Circuits & Panels


Equipment services re-vamps & Upgrades, panels swaps, new circuits, etc. Electric Panel Upgrade Services, these services include:


  • Electric Panel Breakers & Fuses
  • Electric Panel Repairs
  • Electric Panel Installation
  • Electric Sub-Panels
  • Electric Panel Replacements
  • Electric Panel Relocations


Electrical Panel Upgrades


As electrical appliances and circuits are added to a home or business, the demand on the power panel increases. For instance, once a power panel has reached its maximum capacity, the panel will either need to be replaced or a sub-panel will need to be added. Team Da Power are experienced electricians capable of changing old power panels into safe ones.


Sub-Panel Installation


These sub-panels are used to create new space for circuit breakers and ultimately optimize your electrical system. There are 2 major reasons why sub-panels would be required. Above all the first reason being that there is just simply no space left for new circuits on your original power panel. Secondly separate and isolate each breaker to different rooms (i.e. kitchen, living room, office, etc.) so the power panels are more controlled and clearer.


*Friendly reminder that electrical projects are not DIY projects and should be done by a trained and certified professional.